© Claim Link AIMS 2011 •   “From your thought, to pen,  to a submitted claim"; capturing your decisions is Claim Link      AIMS' goal •   Automated checking and data entry improves all areas of the office workflow •   Error checking and clean data entry, with automated claims processing, eliminates      most mistakes •   Correct claims lead to payment for all services provided, on the first submission •   Correct claims are paid faster, improving cash flow and profit margins •   Easily and inexpensively convert paper files, and all other paper in the office, to           electronic images •   Reduce office expenses and free up floor space by eliminating the need for paper files •   Claim Link AIMS is a low cost on-line service,  installed over the weekend, operational with      your current office staff within the first day, with no disruptions for billing •   No software to buy, install and maintain. Providers and Clinicians Features Claim Link A.I.M.S.  Automated Information Management System