© Claim Link AIMS 2011 Features Claim Link A.I.M.S.  Automated Information Management System Office and IT Managers •   The system organizes the workflow and allows clinic staff to scan anytime, in any order •   Streamline receptionist and front desk operations with the automated workflow system •   Improve billing accuracy with automated error checking of registrations and billing •   Automated data entry reduces labor and data entry errors •   Increase cash flow with higher numbers of paid claims and speedier payments •   Eliminate file storage floor space by easily and inexpensively converting all paper          documents to a searchable set of images that can be printed on demand •   Paper shuffling, document filing and lost documents are completely eliminated •   ClaimlinkAIMS is an on-line service.  No software to buy or maintain •   System installed over a weekend, Staff training takes about an hour, interactive live phone      support, as required, is provide; there is no lost productivity