© Claim Link AIMS 2011 Features Claim Link A.I.M.S.  Automated Information Management System Medical Billing •   Automated scanning interface guides the process and organizes documents for the          billing office •   The system organizes the workflow and allows clinic staff to scan anytime, in any      order •   Complete document filing system allows search by patient name, date or keyword      (e.g. chart number) •   Error checking flags scanning errors, patient registration and coding errors for      correction •   Automated data entry eliminates most of the data entry and resulting errors •   Greatly reduced time and effort, with much higher accuracy, for the claims filing      process •   A majority of patient registration and billings documents are processed without a      coder •   Billing data can be sent directly to the Practice Management System and/or EHR •   ClaimlinkAIMS is a low cost on-line service, no software to buy and maintain •   System installed and staff trained within 4 days