Claim Link A.I.M.S.  Automated Information Management System © Claim Link AIMS 2011 Looking for ways to improve cash flow? Does your medical staff deserve a better work environment? Claim Link AIMS increases claims processing efficiency while decreasing the current workload on your medical staff. Providers and Clinicians Tired of running an inefficient office full of stacks  and stacks  of paper? Claim Link AIMS improves the efficiency of your office by over 10% per provider. Claim Link AIMS stores all paper documents as searchable images. Office and IT Managers Want to reduce your onshore and offshore operating costs? Claim Link AIMS will automate 60- 90% of your claims processing as well as eliminate 50-80% of demographics data entry. Medical Billing                               provides a complete office document management and claims processing system. Claim Link AIMS achieves the following objectives for medical offices: 1) Paperless office... our technology makes it "Practical"!!!  Easily scan ALL your paper into electronic form with a couple of mouse clicks.  Automatically extract all the data from paper registration, medical history, and superbill forms.  Retrieve organized sets of images with unbelievable ease. Organized patient files for your daily appointments can be viewed from your iPad.                                                                                                      VIEW IPAD DEMO 2) Far fewer errors... automated error checking and feedback on problems within seconds, significantly improves accuracy and reduces duplication of effort. 3) Reduced operating costs... automated data entry and electronic document files decrease the workload and shrink file storage floor space. 4) Increased profits... the streamlined workflow and error checking result in more accurate, speedier claims. Claim Link AIMS yields monetary benefits up to 5x (five times) its monthly cost. Claim Link AIMS